Julia Harrington
Founder & CEO
Julia Harrington is Headmistress of Queen Anne’s School in Berkshire and CEO of BrainCanDo; a dynamic hub of research and collaborative excellence that she founded in 2013 on the idea of brain plasticity and the personal development of the individual.
Now a charitable company located at Queen Anne’s school, BrainCanDo partners with academics to translate educational neuroscience and psychology research in to teaching practice and evidence informed education.
Julia has always been interested in neuroscience, recognising that the knowledge gained from research in to how the brain learns during adolescence (together with an understanding of its vulnerability and potential) could usefully be embedded into the education system.
Teenagers face unique pressures at a time of immense brain growth and intellectual exuberance. BrainCanDo seeks to harness this stage of development to empower teaching professionals to use neuroscience research to transform and enrich their classrooms, and in turn empower their students.
BrianCando has ambitious plans. We will be commissioning more academic research and developing training products to sharing good practice with education professionals. We have an ongoing focus on building vibrant partnerships and collaborations with state and independent schools, universities and research centres. We invite you to be a part of this fascinating work.

Amy Fancourt 
Director of Research
Amy Fancourt is Director of Research at BrainCanDo. As Research Lead, Amy works to facilitate collaborative research with leading academic partners and has been involved in a number of projects exploring the impact of active musical engagement over adolescence, the power of self-affirmation on cognitive performance and the role of social networks in motivation contagion.
Prior to this, Amy completed a PhD in psychology at The University of London, Goldsmiths College, exploring the relationship between music and language cognition in children with Specific Language Impairment and retains an interest in the impact of music on child and adolescent outcomes.

Nancy Mulligan
Research Manager
Nancy Mulligan works as a Research Manager for BrainCanDo. She has an MSc in Occupational Psychology and is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.
Nancy coordinates the external research projects with universities and internal research projects within QAS with staff and pupils. She helps to organise and run workshops, INSET training, conferences and symposia for BrainCanDo. She also is helping to develop an affiliate network of schools.
Prior to working at BrainCanDo, Nancy has worked in both the public and private sector as a consultant psychologist and more recently in local schools and in a pastoral role at Queen Anne’s School.

Catherine Lutz
Training & Development Manager
Catherine Lutz is currently completing her PhD in sport psychology from the University of Essex and is the Training and Development Manager for BrainCanDo, with a focus on delivering student workshops and presentations that inform students about educational neuroscience and mental tools they can use to reduce exam stress and increase confidence in the classroom.
Prior to working on her PhD, Catherine taught Physical Education at Queen Anne’s School and worked as a Mental Health Counselling intern in New York, while completing her MSc in Clinical Mental Health Counselling. She has also competed at a high level in sports, playing NCAA Division I basketball in the United States and competing in the highest professional basketball league in England.

Melissa Barber
Sales & Marketing Manager
Melissa Barber is our Sales and Marketing Manager at BrainCanDo. She is a CIM qualified marketer, has a BSc in Psychology and is helping BrainCanDo reach the next level in its growth, by working with the team to harness and further develop the vast interest in its research in to the teenage mind.
Melissa supports BrainCanDo in identifying and reaching key markets and the creation of training packages for different audiences, she also helps to develop and monitor our sales pipeline. Prior to working at BrainCanDo, Melissa worked in the professional services and student recruitment marketing sectors. She is also a BACP registered Counsellor.

Susan Brock
Susan supports Julia Harrington’s busy BrainCanDo schedule and provides vital support to the team across all of its projects.