Posted: 11th January 2018 by Amy Fancourt

Multiple Queen Anne’s students recently visited Reading University’s research centre. This is all part of opting in to our BrainCanDo research project investigating the dynamics of pupil interactions and the spread of motivation through peer groups.

The pictures included here show some of the highlights of Gigi’s (4) experience. A great moment came when Gigi was asked “have you ever wanted to move things with your mind?” and Gigi’s response was “Yeahhhh, this is so cool!” which was met with “well today is that day” by a University of Reading researcher.

Over 60 of our pupils will visit the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) at University of Reading where they will take part in an fMRI brain scan and also learn some fascinating things about how the brain works whilst they are there. As a part of their visit they will take part in a series of demonstrations to see how the brain transfers electrical activity and what happens when this electrical activity is interrupted using TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). They will also learn how to move objects on a screen using only the power of their minds as they interact with an ‘emotiv’ EEG headset.

We want to understand what motivates our pupils to want to learn and how friendship groups play a part in this process. To answer this question, the research team at University of Reading are investigating the brain and looking at how changes in the brain are linked to motivation in our pupils.

At the end of a busy two hours of brain activities pupils head home looking forward to receiving a memento of this unique and fantastic experience – a picture of their very own brain to keep.

Conference: Tickets are available for our 2018 conference ‘Pathways from neuroscience to the classroom’ you can find them here

Research: You can find out more on the research we are conducting at BrainCanDo by clicking here