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Humming Music Helps Girls Do Maths

Posted: 7th June 2016 by braincando

Another aspect of the work and research of BrainCanDo received recognition in The Sunday Times on 5 June 2016. Sian Griffiths, Education Editor, focused upon the use of music when revising by girls at Queen Anne’s School and whether or not it actually helps.

The pupils at Queen Anne’s, an independent boarding school, who are sitting their GCSEs and A Levels as we speak were asked to compile a playlist of their favourite revision songs and whether certain genres and types of song fitted certain subjects. The tracklist included Jasmine Thompson’s Let Myself Try and Jack Johnson’s Better Together.

The research being conducted, as part of the BrainCanDo programme, into how teenage brains work has already suggested that for example, the Star Wars theme tune, composed by John Williams was useful for Maths revision. Other compositions including The Blue Danube have been used in a similar capacity to help girls’ in exams by humming the music equating various notes to algebraic equations.

Mrs Julia Harrington, Headmistress at Queen Anne’s and founder of BrainCanDo commented:

“The research looks at how music can be used as a tool to make you a smart learner and regulate your emotions. Music can help girls revise effectively.’

This recognition in The Sunday Times follows on from other recent coverage regarding the management of stress levels during exam season, only highlighting the effectiveness of the BrainCanDo: Life and Learning Programme.

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