BrainCanDo Workshops Helping to Ward Off Exam Stress

Posted: 20th April 2016 by braincando

On Sunday 17 April 2016, the BrainCanDo programme featured prominently in The Sunday Times in an article discussing the effectiveness of attempting to control the inevitable stress and anxiety that surrounds exam season via some of the techniques that have been embedded into the culture of Queen Anne’s School.

It is no wonder that in today’s climate young people across the country feel an increased pressure to succeed and the importance enforced in the home of good exam results has been shown to be one of the key causes of exam-related stress. A HMC spokesperson in The Sunday Times commented, “Pressure from home is a desire by pupils to please parents concerned about university places and future careers.” Now many schools are beginning to teach parents as well as their students about coping with what is a very important time as without external influences, young people put a lot of pressure on themselves internally.

It has been proven that by teaching teenage girls how their brain reacts to and under stress has resulted in significant improvements in grades. At Queen Anne’s, the girls attend regular workshops in order to coach them to deal with stress in order to prevent it becoming anxiety. Part of this is learning how to revise and plan properly in order to reduce the chance of panicking during an exam as well as being taught techniques like deep breathing to calm yourself before or during exam time. As a result, the school have seen exam results improve as shown through many students achieving above and beyond what many would have expected. One girl commented:

“It’s been really helpful…I use deep breathing and also try to put the exams into perspective – they are not the be-all and end-all of life.”

Queen Anne’s have seen a dramatic improvements in many of their girls’ grades as a result of the influence of the BrainCanDo techniques and approach to learning. This is proof of one of the key aims of the programme, outlined by its founder and Queen Anne’s Headmistress Mrs Julia Harrington who said:

“I wanted to make sure the girls stopped being afraid of stress.”

The BrainCanDo programme continues to grow and the project now includes all of The Grey Coat Hospital Foundation and United Westminster foundation schools. As part of this, the second annual BrainCanDo Conference, Music is Instrumental, is taking place on the 14 June 2016 at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly in London. If you would like to attend to this exciting event, please click here to book your ticket.

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