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BrainCanDo Techniques Receive More Coverage Regarding the Management of Stress

Posted: 29th April 2016 by braincando

Following on from BrainCanDo’s coverage in The Sunday Times, its techniques have again featured in the Saturday issue of The Times on Saturday 23 April.

BrainCanDo founder and Headmistress at Queen Anne’s School, Mrs Julia Harrington spoke to The Times about how removing the added pressures from home will help to reduce the stress that all young people feel as exam season approaches. Schools put a lot of pressure on students as it is and they do not need further pressure from parents as well.

Mrs Harrington discusses how, at Queen Anne’s, the girls are prepared for their exams through the use of de-stressing revision workshops that make use of some of the techniques that BrainCanDo fully supports. Incidentally, these did not only help to de-stress the girls, the school saw a great improvement in results during the recent GCSE mock exams.

Research has shown that parents do get it wrong despite all their best intentions and that it is important to be interested but to not try and takeover their child’s revision or allow it to takeover their lives. Mrs Harrington commented:

“They need a certain amount of stress to do well, but too much turns into anxiety, which floods the brain and makes them feel hopeless.”

To read more about some of the key mistakes that some believe parents to make during this high pressured time of the academic year, please click on the link below:

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