BrainCanDo featured in the Daily Mail

Posted: 28th November 2017 by braincando

On Monday 27 November BrainCanDo and its Founder, Julia Harrington, featured in the Daily Mail in an article entitled ‘Tell children the benefits of learning rather than reward results, parents urged’.

The subject of the discussion was motivation in the adolescent brain and whether by offering children treats or monetary rewards for achievement in academic studies, does this focus their learning and encourage long term interest in learning? Mrs Harrington explains that educators need to explain to children the long-term benefits of learning something like a musical instrument or a language. She argues the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and that parents should try and trigger their child’s interest in a topic.

“Children are naturally curious and if you trigger that curiosity and if they want to know, so they understand the thing that they really love, then that will help them.”

She would go on to say that parents should set high standards that motivate but that are not unattainable.

To read the full article, click here.