BrainCanDo welcomes local students to its first Educational Partnership Day

Posted: 12th February 2019 by Melissa Barber

BrainCanDo invited students from Reading Girls’ School and Reading School with an interest in STEM-related careers to join our students at its first Educational Partnership Day this week, aimed at extending BrainCanDo’s neuroscience and psychology research to local schools for regional benefit.

The event included an invigorating series of integrative neuroscience based workshops; learning and the brain, the social brain and optimal performance under pressure delivered by Cat Lutz, Training and Development Manager, BrainCanDo.

The afternoon offered an opportunity for the students to work together on an interactive set project ‘Network Challenge’ delivered by Thames Water; a real life engineering task to test the student’s planning, mathematical, technological and communication skills.

Dr Amy Fancourt commented; ‘This day is particularly empowering for teenagers as they gain knowledge of how their brain works both physically and socially in different situations. Additionally the students learnt about how the brain engages in learning and gained tools to deal with life’s stresses.’

Feedback from the year 11 students who attended included; ‘I really enjoyed the item on peer pressure and how the brain thinks; and how we can react and behave with a herd mentality in group situations.’

‘I enjoyed finding out about the plasticity of the brain and I found the talk on learning and the brain was the best. It was fun to model our own brain out of play doh’

This event is part of a programme of activity through which BrainCanDo shares its knowledge and learning from its research projects with pupils, teachers, partners and professionals.