About Us

At BrainCanDo we improve learning outcomes for adolescent students.

Under the expert guidance of our Director of Research, Dr Amy Fancourt, we bring clarity, research rigour and high standards of excellence to the rapidly emerging and often misunderstood field of educational neuroscience.

We work primarily with educational professionals, collaborating with them to use neuroscientific evidence-based research to improve educational practice. We do this during the critical period of adolescence when the brain is most primed for growth and development.

Increasingly, schools opt for our bespoke consultancy services. They want to apply our knowledge about psychology and neuroscience within their own educational contexts in order to enhance student wellbeing and outcomes; to inform decision making or to implement key changes that support the entire school community or particular year groups.

Why Choose BrainCanDo?

  • We are an independent and agile team, respected and well connected in our field.

  • We have first rate, well established partnerships with universities who lead in psychology and neuroscience including: Goldsmiths, University of London; the University of Reading and the University of Bristol.

  • Our team includes leading expert researchers, senior education professionals and published authors.

  • We respect the teaching profession. Teachers know how to teach and they have an unparalleled knowledge of their own schools. They inherently want positive learning outcomes for their students and we will work closely with them to achieve this desired outcome.

What we do

Our work has been recognised by the TES Independent schools awards:

Meet the brains behind it all

Our Partners

We are enormously grateful to our partners for their ongoing support.

BrainCanDo is a Charitable Company supported by United Westminster & Grey Coat Foundation

Charity No.1170784. Company No.10204578

Iroise Dumontheil, Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience at Birkbeck, University of London and Director of Masters courses in Educational Neuroscience. Roy Blackwell, Worshipful Educators. Gordon Carver, CEO of Westminster Grey Coat Foundation. Bill Andrewes, Jonnie Noakes, Head of Teaching & Learning at Eton College and the Director of the Tony Little Centre. Michael Bithell, Finance Director, Westminster Grey Coat Foundation. Lauren Troake.